How I feel about RP half the time.
RP Partner: Weaves together a fantastic thread reply with above and beyond content from unicorn blood and the tears of the gods
Me: write how do


who wants to hire me as their maid i’m not gonna clean im just gonna wear a cute maid outfit dust like 6 things and bend down a lot

Send me “How’d you get this?” For my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars and asking how they got it.
Lust: "Oh my, Komyona, Darling... Why do you hide suck a curvaceous and spellbinding body, hmm?" She smiled gently, giggling quietly.

Komyona looked back, then yelped and hid her body behind a shower curtain.

"W-well, I… um… d-don’t come in while I’m sh-showering, please…"

My Muse Forgot To Lock The Door And Yours Walks In On Mine In The Shower. How Does Yours React?
"You'll be fine."
"I'm afraid it's very fatal."
"These test results..don't make any sense."
"How far can your arm go before it breaks?"
"I'll carve your eyes out with a spoon."
"What does he have that I don't"
"Why did he choose her instead of me?"
"Make as many stab wounds as you want."
"I am destined as your tool."
"The girl must die."
"The boy must die."
"I want to taste your blood on my lips."
"Where do we go from here?"
"These voices..cease to let me be."
"I..can't stop crying."
"Use me as you will."
"None of it matters now."
"Shadows fallow my every step."
"You've gone..completely mad."
"I'm barking mad."
"Winter is coming."
"I could kill you right now."
"You..You're dead!"
"May the lord have mercy on your soul."
"The mental ward let me out early this year."
"Oh how i miss the voices."
"Everyone is equal when they're dead."
"Cancel Christmas."
"Bring me more war."
"I love war."
"I piss on your traditions."
"I hate your heart."
"I hate your soul."
"I promise, you won't feel a thing."
"Bring her to me."
"Bring him to me."
"A few holes in the head give the madness more space."
"I hate everything about you."
"I will abandon you."
"What is that girl up to?"
"I am stretched on your grave."
"Kill me now.."
"If I fall from the grace of God where no murdered ghost can haunt me.."
"You are one in from the plank, don't make me push you."
"I don't care."
"Leave me behind."
"Everything you've told me was a lie!"
"Everything I've told yo was a lie!"
"How could you ever think to leave them behind?"
"Someone should nail your feet to the floor."
"My last breath will be your curse."
"He will KILL you."
"She will KILL you."
"I did noting."
"It was an accident!"
"You've killed your own brother!"
"I want nothing to do with him!"
"How can I possibly trust you?"

just saying - 

i don’t think you understand

want invasive anons that piss my character off. want questions about their family and lovers and etc. want responses to memes (you never know what a meme can do). i want random magic anons.

want to interact with my followers. 

you are always free to send me anything, anonymous or not.

The 6th gif in your gifs folder will be your muse’s reaction to being asked on a date.
Texting meme


Send ✆ for a morning text

Send ✉ for a text that wasn’t sent

Send ☎ for a rushed text

Send ☏ for a loving text

Send for a drunk text

Send ø for a late night text

Send for a hateful text


hng it was komyona’s 1st birthday yesterday and i completely forgot

to celebrate i was gonna put up the first ever drawings of her and well//

here they are////